About Us

Cloud Staffing Professionals is veteran owned company founded by two industry experts with over 30 years of combined experience. We specialize in placing high end professionals with clients that demand the type of quality and critical needs for their projects. What sets Cloud Staffing apart from other agencies is the type of process that is in place to ensure that you are getting only the best quality out of your consultants. The process of onboarding a new consultant can be nerve-racking on all sides. Our goal is to eliminate that unnecessary guess work and allow for both sides to enjoy the partnership of a new Employee/Employer. This is the fun part of the job and it should always be that way!

“At Cloud Staffing Professionals, our unwavering commitment is to connect talented individuals with exceptional opportunities while providing our clients with top-tier staffing solutions. We believe in the power of integrity, professionalism, and excellence to transform the world of work.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

  • Empower Talent: We are dedicated to recognizing the unique skills and potential of every individual. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, we enable our candidates to achieve their career aspirations and dreams.
  • Deliver Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations by offering a superior level of service to our clients. Through a rigorous selection process and ongoing support, we provide the most qualified and dedicated professionals to meet their workforce needs.
  • Uphold Integrity: Our foundation is built on honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct. We maintain the highest standards in all our interactions, ensuring trust and reliability in every partnership.
  • Foster Innovation: In an ever-evolving job market, we embrace creativity and innovation. By adapting to the changing landscape, we continuously seek out new ways to improve our services and enhance the opportunities we offer.
  • Cultivate Long-Term Relationships: We understand that lasting success is built on enduring partnerships. We are committed to building strong and enduring relationships with both our clients and candidates.

At Cloud Staffing Professionals, we are driven by our passion for creating a better workforce and a brighter future for all. Our mission is a testament to our dedication to the growth and prosperity of both the individuals we serve and the organizations we support. Together, we can achieve greatness in the world of employment.”

This mission statement reflects the core values of the staffing firm, emphasizing its commitment to providing excellent opportunities and services while upholding the principles of integrity and professionalism.

Why Choose Cloud Staffing Professionals?

Cloud Staffing has a database of over 10,000 contractors and or consultants, most of whom are referred by Consultants who have had positive experiences working with CSP. Viable consultants are then vetted by expert recruiters to make sure that by the time that you see the resume that your job is their number one priority and that they have recent client manager references checked and everything came back great! Quality is what we demand at CSP because that’s what you as the Consultant/Client deserve!


Commonly Asked Questions

Aerospace and Defense
Food and Beverage
Medical Device

Cloud Staffing is fully capable of placing top talent to make sure that you are compliant with new EU regulations by May 2020. Our candidates are very familiar with critical aspects of the Gap Analysis including Changes to Device Classification, Clinical Evaluation Reports, and Updates to Post Market Surveillance Activities.

Cloud Staffing Professionals has access to top local talent across the US and Europe. Working with your Account Manager, we’ll help you outline the ideal attributes, skills, and experience of the potential employee you’re looking for. Using our established processes and guidelines, we’re able to vet out candidates before the interview process and only present you with job seekers that will not only be a great fit for the job, but also be a match for your company’s unique culture.

Here at Cloud Staffing Professionals we strive to save all parties involved valuable time and effort by presenting properly qualified candidates the first time around so that nobody involved is either submitted to a role that is not a good fit. Companies do not have to sift through more resumes than needed and it also makes our job easier to get the correct candidate placed first time around.

Please click the contact us option at the top of the screen and one of our hiring experts will reach out to you within 24 hours to start you on your employee/employer search. 


Awesome Ideas

We work with you and your organization one on one to get the perfect candidate for YOU

Individual Attention

There is no one size fits all staffing approach that works. We attend to each and every client individually to ensure the best person for YOUR organization.

Access To The Best

Our Elite Professionals stand above others in the market

Full Support

We support you through the entire process. From defining the right goals for your current openings to your next opening.